1.what is the write speed?

Micro SD Card and SD Card write speed  6.01M/S---12.01M/S

USB 2.0 Flash Drive write speed  2.8M/S---9.9M/S ;  


2.Why the USB flash drive real capacity is not correct capacity?

 4GB=approximately 3.2GB-3.8GB

8GB=approximately 6.9GB-7.3GB

16GB=approximately 14GB-15GB

32GB=approximately 28GB-31GB

64GB=approximately 58GB-63GB

128GB=approximately 115GB-126GB

This is calculation difference between manufacturer and our PC, please Google 'Memory card capacity' to get more information


3.All product is NO LOGO / Default Custom /  NO Free Custom .

When the number of your products is higher than 199, we can provide free customized logo service (free laser production, gray effect), contact customer service.


4.USB attributes: 

      4-32GB - FAT32;

          64-256GB - exFAT (no support--if your phone, pls do not buy OTG USB products);

   No NTFS.

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